For prints, original artwork, or any other merchandise you have purchased from this store:

You may return your undamaged purchase(s) to Eliza Ivanova (seller) within 10 (ten) days after package is received by you (buyer). After you notify the seller, you will have 5 (five) days to ship the undamaged purchase with its original packaging back to the seller to receive a full refund. Shipping costs for returned purchases are handled by the buyer.

If the print(s) or the original artwork(s) are damaged or otherwise tampered with their original form when first received from seller, you will NOT get a refund. Damages include, but are not restricted to: stains, bends, tears, holes, dents, adding writing and/or drawing over the piece, tampering with the original look of the artwork, or committing forgery.

NOTE: To be eligible for a refund, NOTIFY the seller of your intent at within 10 days after receiving your package. If you do NOT ship your returning package within the next 5 days after your notification, you will NOT get a refund.